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Why we Became Muslims..,(3) ALEXANDER RUSSEL WEBB

MUHAMMAD ALEXANDER RUSSEL WEBB  (American)  (Muhammad Alexander Russel Webb was born in 1262 [1846 C.E.], in Hudson, United States of America. He studied in the university of New York. In a short time he was a very much loved and admired writer and columnist. He published magazines named ‘St. Joseph Gazette’ and ‘Missouri Republican’. In 1887 he was posted as the American consul in the Philippines. After embracing Islam, he thoroughly dedicated himself to the promulgation of Islam and presided over the organization in the United States. He passed away in 1335 [1916 C.E.].) I was asked ­by ­quite a ­number of­ people ­why ­I, ­as ­a ­person who was­ born­ in­ the­ United­ States,­ a­ country­ with­ an over whelmingly­ numerous ­Christian­ population,­ and ­who­ listened to ­the ­preaches,­ or, ­rather,­ foolish ­talk made ­by Christian ­priests throughout ­his ­growing­ years,­changed ­my ­religion­ and­ became ­a Muslim. The ­brief ­account­ I ­gave­ the m­on why­ I ­had­ chosen ­I