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A brief look at the month of Safar

  islam info Question Is there anything special about the month Safar, as there is in the case of Muharram? I hope that you can shed light on this matter in some detail. I have heard that some people regard this month as unlucky – why is that? Answer Praise be to Allah. , and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.  To proceed:  The month of Safar is one of the twelve months of the Hijri calendar; it is the month that comes after Muharram. Some of them say that it was so called because Makkah was emptied of its inhabitants [the verb used in Arabic to describe this comes from the same root as the name of the month Safar], when they travelled during this month. It was also suggested that they called it Safar because they used to fight other tribes during this month, and they would leave whoever they met with zero (sifr) goods (i.e., they would plunder his goods, leaving him with nothing). See: Lisaan al-‘Arab by Ibn Manzoor (vol. 4, p. 462-463) We will discuss this month unde

The new Muslim's field guide

Question My questions involves many things. I am a very new convert and at first I was praying all prayers as best I could (I don't know Arabic) Someone told me I should only speak in Arabic, so in the end I have stopped praying. I think of Allah many times in the day and follow the teachings but some things I know are wrong i cannot stop. Since Allah called me, I have improved my life immensely and am happier than i have been in a very long time. I used to be drunk every day but now I almost don’t drink at all. I used to gamble all my money but now I almost don’t gamble at all when I do these wrong things I can feel it is wrong and don’t want to go back to my old ways. I can feel Allah is guiding me in ways I don’t understand. I don't feel guilty I just feel why am I doing this. I have asked a few Muslim people I work with and even a person I met online to teach me to pray properly and help me in other ways but because I am Australian they don’t feel I am being serious about b

Who is better and more knowledgeable – Abu Bakr and ‘Umar, or ‘Ali?

  Question: When one analyze as a neutral person contribution of hazrat Ali is far more then other sahaba so are the hadith in favor of hazrat Ali,not only as a warrior but as a visionary person, his knowledge,as a faqih , his command on quran, hazrat Abu baker and specially hazrat ummar always consulted him when they don't know the answer of anything then how come they rated superior to hazrat Ali.