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A Simple person spreading the message to the entire world that what is Islam the reality of Islam rather than portray by individuals. There are many wrong facts portrayed by black sheep about Islam yet there's nothing in Islam which they told.

Basically, Islam is a religion of Peace and it denied the viciousness and is absolutely against Terrorism. Indeed, even in the Situation of War Islam precluded the slaughter of Children, Women, Old people, and furthermore trees and yields which are not the piece of War...Then by what means would Islam be able to permit to execute the innocent individuals.

mujtaba alam

About Myself

I am a student of comparative religion and blogger, writing blogs/Articles about Islam....anybody wants to know real Islam they'll know the reality of Islam in my blogs. By Allah's Will

Regards: Mujtaba Alam


Abu Bakar Islamia University, Karachi Pakistan

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan

University of The Punjab, Lahore Pakistan

Academy of the Sunnah and the Biography of the Prophet, Masjid e Nabvi, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Umm Al-Qura University Makkah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

International Electronic Maqra'a, Organized by Muslim World League

Marefah Organization, Madinah Munawwrah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Harvard University X, United States of America

Australian National University X Australia


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  1. No Doubt... You Really write about real Islam!
    Keep it Up

  2. I am a student of Comparative Religions...

  3. I always come to your blog daily. And it's really informative. I would love to read about some Christmas reality...


  5. I Really Appreciate Your Very Good Knowledge For Islam And Correct Guideline For All Religions To Move In Islam


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