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Why French President Emmanuel Macron did this?

This story is linked with Sophie Petronin a French aid worker who was released after being taken as a hostage.

In December 2016 some of the Muslim militants in Mali, taken her. she was kept as a prisoner for 4 years. Recently she was the last French Hostage all over the world who has released by the Mali militant. so when she was released a couple of weeks back when she came on the plane, the French President Emmanuel Macron himself went to the airport to receive her.


When Sophie came down from the stares of the plane. The French president greeted her. when she came You could see her wearing the Hijab. and she said "I am not Sophie, I am Mariyam (Marry). 

sophie petronin

She had accepted Islam. She had kind words for those people who have taken her hostage. and she said what they are doing is for their freedom and she respected them so much that she accepted Islam. and no doubt it was Shock for the President of France he goes to receive her and he finds out her that she has accepted Islam. He looked at her very curious.

You can see here is the president of France criticize Islam and he goes to receive the lady who was freed after 4 years and he gets the shock of life that she accepted Islam.

Ther is also the same story of Yvonne Ridley a British Journalist who was taken as hostage in Afghanistan.

When she was released she openly praises the group who takes her hostage. and when she came back she read the Holy Quran and she accepted Islam.

So here we find that Islam is a religion of "Humanity", religion of "Peace". why should some who take as a  hostage and kept in captivity for four years and she accepted Islam? Because she found out the true values of Islam. and she realized that what portrayed in the media is not portrayed in Islam.

French President did this all foolishness only because he fears Islam. He was afraid of Muslim growth in his country. So he did what we saw at the beginning of the Month of October. 


Islam will grow faster after what Emmanuel Macron did. how? let's evaluate this:

Right after 9/11 when the media was having wall to wall coverage about Islam and Muslims. They were throwing the words around. Muhammad and The Quran and Muslims, more becoming curious in the USA, to such a degree that people were curious. the copies of the Quran were flying off the shelves. Islam grew fast right after 9/11 in the USA.


In 2008 when the hateful movie "FITNA" came out, it was an anti-Islam movie. more people became curious because of that movie, Islam grew in the euro and around the world.

pastor against Islam

When Pastor Terry Jonas came out to burn the copies of the Quran. Media was flashing the copies of the burning Quran all over the world. Islam grew more people curious.

teryy jonas

donald trump

When Donald Trump became president in 2016. He said that "Islam hate us, its an Evil"... after this more people became curious and start reading the Quran, visiting the Mosque, and Islam grew.

Even right now when the French making the Cartoons of the Prophet and the French government supporting it .... Islam is growing faster in France.

The french campaign now has become backfiring on them. Alhamdulillah.

Just like in the Past Islam was growing. after such an incident, Islam will grow faster in the west. 

Here is a Wikipedia research approving that Islam is the fastest-growing religion on the face of the earth.


  1. A very true lines about this Post Islam is a religion of Peace and humanity but some exteremest person show the other side of Islam that's why we are facing these types of case Anyhow when we read the True Islam we see a complete Peacefully of life and spend all life in a very good manners. In Islam is a complete solutions of every problems ...Think deeply


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